Snacks and Meals


The pre-school makes snacks and meals a social time at which children and adults eat together. Milk or water is provided during the morning session and parents are requested to provide a piece of fruit or equivalent (i.e. raisins, carrots) for a snack (the fruit is cut up and shared). Note NO NUTS or KIWI FRUITS. Afternoon sessions begin with a packed lunch brought from home. (Please label the lunch box on the outside with your child’s name.) We aim to promote Healthy Eating and staff try to lead by example. Please do not include any sweets or fizzy drinks, and note that we operate a strict ‘no nuts’ (including pine nuts and coconut) and ‘no sharing’ policies. Do tell us about your child's dietary needs and any food allergies, before your child starts at pre-school. In some circumstances we may have to arrange relevant training for our staff to take place before a child with a serious allergy can start pre-school at all.

Once lunch is finished, the children learn about composting and recycling, with left over items disposed of in the correct bins.


Allergies and Norovirus


  • Please check the contents of your child's lunch carefully to ensure that it is nut-free.
  • If your child has sickness or diarrhoea, please keep them at home for 48 hours after the infection has cleared
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