French Lessons

At Kidmore End Pre-School we are very lucky to be able to offer French lessons to the children. Currently, these are during the Wednesday morning session. Please see below for the fabulous lesson plan our teacher Lisa Baillie has drawn up for Terms 5 and 6 and see here for pictures.



French Session Plan – 2017/18

Terms 1 & 2


Week 1

Topic French Greetings (Bonjour/Au revoir)

                How are you? Ca va?

Activity – Learn Bonjour/Au revoir Mes Amis Song

                    Flashcard Game

*  Crib sheet provided


Week 2

Topic – What is your name? (Comment t’appelles-tu?)

Activity – Create our own French flag – learn colours blue, white and red


Week 3

Topic – Numbers 1 to 10 (Les numeros un a dix)

Activity – Numbers Song  “Un, deux, trois”

Crib sheet provided


Week 4

Topic  - How old are you? (Quels age as tu?)

Activity – Song “Two Little Fish” (to reinforce learning from first 3 weeks) * Use of Puppets

* Crib sheet provided


Week 5

Topic – Colours/Les Couleurs Red/Rouge, Yellow/Jaune, Pink/Rose, Green/Vert, Orange/Orange, Blue/Bleu

Activity – Colours Game/French Rainbow


Week 6

Topic - Halloween (3 key words)

Activity - Hot & Cold Game (to help pronunciation/repetition of new    words)

* Revision of songs learnt in past weeks.




Half Term


Week 7

Topic – “This is Me” - Parts of the face/ Le visage, Eyes/Les Yeux, Nose/Le Nez, Mouth, La Bouche, Ears/Les Oreilles, Hair/Les Cheveux, Head/La Tete

Activity – Start to create our Pre School Mascot

                    Game – “Simon Says”


Week 8

Topic  - Parts of body.  Arms/Les Arbres, Hands, Les Mains, Legs, Les Jambes, Feet/Les Pieds, Stomach/La Ventre, Back, Le Dos, Shoulders/Les Epaules.  (Revision on numbers & colours) ie – 2 eyes, blue eyes…….

Activity – Continue to create Pre School Mascot


Week 9

Topic – Christmas/ Le Noel

Activity – Learn French Song – L’as tu vu (Musical Instruments)

* Crib Sheet Provided


Week 10

Topic Christmas/ Le Noel

 Key Words – Santa Claus/Le Pere Noel, Snowman/Le Bon homme de Neige, Christmas Tree/Arbres de Noel…….

Activity – Dice Game

                     Song L’as tu vu


Week 11 – Lots of practice of L’as tu vu for nativity play.




Christmas Break


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